Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simple Strawberry Jam

It has been a long time since I made jam at home, mostly because we rarely use jam these days, so the thought of making it, just does not enter my mind. That is probably why I forgot how much fresher, tastier and better home made jam tastes, as compared to store bought ones.

I bought strawberries with the idea of using them in bakes, but somehow the idea lost appeal after I brought it home. So when I was thinking of alternate uses of strawberry, I decided on making jam with it. In the past I have made mango jam and apple jam , but never attempted strawberry jam. I used the recipe here as my reference

This simple three ingredient jam does not use pectin or citric acid crystals, instead it uses lemon juice in it. I pureed half the strawberries, and kept half the strawberries cut in pieces because I enjoy my jam with a little fruit in between bites. The taste and texture was just perfect and I think I am going to be buying a lot more strawberries this season, to make much more of this jam.


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Ingredients and Method to make Simple Strawberry Jam
2 cups strawberries cut fine (1 lbs of strawberries)
2 cups of sugar (either brown or white sugar)
2 tbsp lemon juice

Puree all the strawberries, or if you like to bite into the fruit, puree half and keep the balance of strawberries in cut pieces.

Place strawberries, sugar and lemon juice in a heavy bottomed pan, place on medium to medium high heat, stir frequently and allow sugar to melt and strawberries to cook.

You know when the jam is ready, if you lift the spatula and allow the jam to pour and it flows together and not in little drops.
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Alternatively if you pour a few drops of the jam on a clean plate, it will not spread and will have the clear jam like consistency, then you know that the jam is ready.

Cool slightly, pour in a clean glass jar, cool thoroughly and refrigerate and use as required.

For this quantity I did not sterilize my bottle, since I was making a very small batch. In case you plan to make lot of jam, then it is suggested to sterilize your glass jar before you fill it with jam, click here to know how to sterilize your glass jars
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