Monday, May 12, 2008


Some tokens of appreciation from friends and fellow bloggers, thanks to all of you....

My interview with EC of Simple Indian Food can be found here

Thanks Skribles, Trupti, Indhu & Varsha

Thanks Trupti and Taste Tinkerer

Thanks Sowmya, Nithya and Varsha

Thanks Srimathi,Sukanya, Rajee and Trupti

Thanks EC,Trupti,Sireesha Lothi and Sripriya

Thanks VG

Thanks Sukanya and Purvaa

Thanks Divya, Shreya , Sireesha,VG, Sripriya, Vibaas, Priya and Indranee

Thanks Sowmya, Shreya, Dershana , Srilekha, Madhavi, Dibs, Indranee

Thanks Mahimaa

Thanks VG, Curry Leaf , Vidhya, Sowmya, Shama , Gita , Mahimaa, Adlaks, Sukanya ,Dibs, PJ and Navita.

Thanks Ramya, VG , Jaishree, Nithya and Varsha

Thanks Ramya, Purva, Malar, Ramya, Andhra Flavours, Vibaas, Dibs and Indranee

Thanks Deepa, Suparna, Meenal Mehta and Gita

Thanks Varsha

Thanks Varsha, Hema, VG and Trupti

Thanks Varsha, Sunanda and Sudeshna

Thanks Viki, Jaishree , Dibs, Indranee and Shreya

Thanks Vinolia ( Akals Sappadu), Hema, Trupti, VG and Archana

Thanks Anu, Archana, Jaishree, Varsha, Vibaas and Nithya

Thanks Jaishree, Uma, Suparna and Indrani


Thanks Priya, Gita, Viki, Ramya, Dibs, Indranee, VG, Lataji, Uma, Suparna, Vaishali, Indrani, PJ and Rachana

Thanks Vij, Dibs and Indranee

Thanks Uma, Suparna and Indrani

Thanks VG, Viki, Indranee and Dibs

Thanks Priya, Purva, Ramya, Gita, Vibaas, Dibs, Indranee and VG

Thanks Satya

Thanks PJ ! 


jd said...

Congrats on your awards!

Very cool!

Usha said...

Thanks JD,I was so excited to receive each of these awards........

shruti said...

hi attai u no who i am.... shruti
im glad that you hav so many recipies but ama is lazy to try ur dishes very much xited to taste each of ur dishes ..

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