Monday, May 12, 2008


I have been receiving a lot of questions with regard to subscription and how it works, so I decided to devote an entire post to try and explain the process of how subscription offered on this site works.
There are two types of subscription offered on this site both are offered at no cost of course..... :-)

The first one is subscription by email, when you sign up for this service you receive each post on this site after you sign up directly in your inbox. This is a two step process, you need to enter your email on the page where it is requested and also enter the text displayed on that page, then feedburner will send you an activation link to your email with the subject Activate your email subscription to Veg Inspirations. The text of the email will contain a link to activating your subscription. Once you click on the link you are set to recieve updates from this site whenever there is a new post.This is usually a short introduction that reaches your inbox and to read the entire post you need to click on the title of the post and it will take you to that specific post on this site. This is useful for those that are not able to check back on updates on the site regularly as each update directly reaches your inbox.Your email is never shared or used for any other purpose.

The second type is for a subscription by reader. This service is useful for those that are already using or wish to start using readers in google or yahoo or similar sites.This site can be added to their reader . This does the same thing that email subscription does, it shows updates on this site on your reader and you can click on the title and it will take you to the relevant post on this site.

Both these types of subsriptions have a nice fringe benefit, it makes it easy to mark the recipes that you would want to try. When you are subscribed by email you can just flag the email that contains the recipe you want to try and it becomes easy to access in future.Alternatively you could create a folder in your email and transfer the emails containing the recipes you want to try into that folder. In reader you can just star the recipe you want to try and access it when you are ready to try it.

Hope this information helps, in case you have furthur questions do send them to me using the comment form on the main page under each post or through contact form using contact tab on the main page.

Thanks :-)

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