Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carrot Roti

Roti /Chapatti's are an absolute necessity for me,I can live without stuff like rice but if I do not have chapatti's for any length of time I really miss it.There is something so appealing about the humble plain chapatti ( which I make phulka style) and having it with a piece of jaggery.The jaggery of course should be the soft variety and when rolled within a small piece of chapatti it is really yummy.This was the treat that I used to have most days after returning from school and after having all the requisite veggies with my chapatti's that my mother made sure I had, I used to save up the last piece of chapatti and have that with jaggery and used to savor that at the end of my meal.

In the past I used to make plain roti's most of the times,now though I try and make roti's with vegetable stuffing or with the vegetable mixed right into the dough as a way to increase the comsumption of veggies since it is really difficult to incorporate the required amount of veggies we really need on a daily basis.So this carrot roti is one such way I have devised to make the already nutritious roti more nutritious and tasty.

An interesting fact about carrots.

Recently I read this interesting fact about carrots that unlike a lot of other vegetables which are better when eaten raw,carrots are the only vegetable that are better when cooked.This is because raw carrots have tough cellular walls, the body is able to convert less than 25 per cent of their beta carotene into vitamin A. Cooking, however, partially dissolves cellulose-thickened cell walls, freeing up nutrients by breaking down the cell membranes.Cooked carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A,a good source of potassium and contains vitamin B6,copper,folic acid and magnesium.The high level of beta carotene is very important and gives carrots their distinctive orange color

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Ingredients and method to make the carrot roti.

1/2 of a medium onion or 1 very small onion
3/4 cup of carrots cut into small pieces
1 inch piece of ginger cut into pieces
2 tsp oil
1 1/2 cup wheat flour
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp chili powder
salt to taste
A little oil or ghee to cook the chapatti's/roti's

1.Heat oil in a pan,put in the onions and ginger and saute until onions are transparent

2.Add the carrots and a little salt and a little water and cook until the carrots are soft.

3.Cool this and puree in a blender until smooth.This yields about 1 cup of pureed mixture.

4.In a large pan put in the wheat flour.Add to this cumin seeds,chili powder and salt.

5.Add the pureed onion carrot ginger mixture to it.Without adding water initially mix in the puree into the dough and gather together to make a soft pliable dough.

6.If required add very little water and mix to form soft dough.Keep the dough covered for at least 15 minutes.

7.Make lemon sized balls from the dough and roll it out.

8.Heat a skillet /griddle and cook the chapatti on each side applying a little oil or ghee.

Serve hot with either gravy curry or dhal.

Yields approximately 15 medium sized chapatti's

This is my entry for the Roti Mela hosted by Srivalli.


Unknown said...

looks delicious..I mix grated carrots directly into the flour..yours is a good one..will try your way..

Usha said...

Thanks Sowmya,I used to do it that way too (with grated carrots) but I find this way better because I am able to use more carrots with this mehod .

Swati Raman Garg said...

carrots seem to b one good option i have not tried... will definitely try...

Usha said...

Sure Swati do let me know if you like it !!

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