Monday, June 9, 2008

A big THANKS for the Nice Matters and the Good Chat Blog Awards.

The other day I received the most wonderful surprise when Skribles informed me that I was being awarded the Nice Matters and the Good Chat Blog Awards.It was completely unexpected and I would like to thank Skribles for the awards.

I understand that the Nice Matters award is for bloggers who are a positive influence on the blogging world.What wonderful encouragement for me.These are my first ones and I am going to enjoy displaying them right here.I have been blogging for just about a month at this point and these awards really made my day.Thanks again.

I would in turn like to award these to

Mahimaa of

Dhivya of

The Nice Matters Award for Richa (as you already have the Good Chat Blog Award)

Richa of

The Good Chat Blog Award for Sowmya(as you already have the Nice Matters Award)

Sowmya of

Congrats to all of you.


Unknown said...

Thanks usha for the award..I am so glad..
First time to your blog..your recipes are so going to try those nankatais..

Usha said...

Thanks Sowmya,
Congratulations to you too !! Do let me know if you liked the nan khatai when you make them.........

Richa said...

hi Usha, just came back from my break and wanted to congratulate u on ur awards and Thanks for mine!
ur apple preserve looks good, i had made apple halwa a while back :)

Usha said...

Hi Richa,Hope you had a good break,thanks for your comments,will definitely check out your apple halwa when I get the chance.

DK said...

Hey Usha - thanks a bunch for passing on these wonderful awards to me. Made my day really!

Congrats on getting them :)

Usha said...

Thanks DK,enjoy your awards........

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