Sunday, February 28, 2010

Healthy Inspirations Event- Soups Roundup Part 1

I would like to start by thanking all of you who participated in my first Healthy Inspirations Event. Since this was my first event, I did not know quite what to expect, but the responses truly both overwhelmed and touched my heart. I received a total of about seventy five wonderful creative soups from both bloggers and non- bloggers.

In appreciation of this tremendous response, I thought it would be nice if I could give at least one randomly selected participant, some small gift. After the roundup is complete I will randomly select one participant and send her this hand crafted silver bracelet and earring set as a token of my appreciation.


Since there were so many entries I decided to do the roundup in two parts. I have listed the soups in the order it was received and roughly half of them are given in this part and the balance will feature in the second part. Okay so without any further delay here is the roundup......

Priya kicks off this event with this healthy Green gram soup loaded with veggies and flavored with red chili sauce and parsley, a great way to combine some protein and vegetables in one go !

Divya has sent in this Roasted Beet and Tomato soup and           
Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup both made with roasted vegetables to enhance flavor

My first contribution to this event, Indian Lentil Soup made with whole brown lentils and uses a lot of Indian spices like garam masala, turmeric powder and cumin
Jyoti gives a neat twist to the regular tomato soup by adding some protein to it, check out her  Tomato soup with baked beans

Dershana combines pineapples and coconut milk in an exotic combination of flavors in this chunky Pineapple and Spinach Chunky Soup

All moms will approve of this soup that Jayanthi Swaminathan has created to ensure her kids enjoy a variety of vegetables.
moong dal --   1 tablespoon
spinach  -    1 bunch
bottle gourd   -   a small portion
carrots  -   1 big or 2 small ones
tomatoes  -   6
onions    -  2 or 3 as per size
cabbage   -  a small portion
beetroot  - 1
ginger  -  one inch bit
pepper powder
salt to taste

Chop all the vegetables roughly and pressure cook them well. Cool and grind to fine paste. Sieve it through a strainer and add water. Put the whole mixture on to boil and add salt and pepper powder.
While serving, add a bit of lemon juice onto the soup. Adding lemon helps absorption of iron from the vegetables. You may add a bit of butter too, if you are not on a diet. 
This  is a no-fuss soup, easy to make and can be fed to even very small kids

Priya sends in another healthy soup with white bean, bell peppers and corn simply flavored with garlic, pepper and parsley

Deepti sends in three soups for this event. Hearty harvest soup with a combination of pumpkin puree and red kidney beans, a lovely Red Soup that combines tomatoes with beet to get this gorgeous color and a Falafel Inspired soup that has this name because it has all the ingredients of falafel in it.

Padma whips up this quick and delicious Hot and Sour vegetable soup to warm up on a rainy day

Nayna comes up with this Chunky Vegetable Soup , a heartwarming soup made with winter vegetables.Definitely a great soup to chase winter blues away. 

Shubha sends 4 different soups for this event. A zero oil  Vegetable Soup  that is sure to delight dieters, Squash soup made with fresh produce from the farmers market, a very unique combination of carrot and celery in this Creamy Carrot celery soup and a quick and flavorful  Sweet Corn Soup

Priya brings yet another interesting soup with unique ingredients like bamboo shoots and lotus stems , check out her one of a kind  Vegetarian Pekinese Soup

PJ sends in this quick microwave Noodle Soup that she prefers over a more elaborate traditional lunch.

My second contribution to this event, this cumin flavored Black Bean Vegetable Soup that I made to recreate a soup I tasted in a restaurant .
Here is a winter warmer from Priya, a protein rich Horsegram & Coconut milk soup that she devised for dinner to ward off the extreme chill that made a comeback in their area.

SE who loves Mediterranean cuisine and sees a lot of resemblance between Mediterranean and Indian cuisine brings us this Greek style vegetable spinach soup with Orzo  flavored with lemon and pepper flakes.

Nivedita finds a way to sneak spinach in her kids diet with this Healthy Green Soup,  I am sure a lot of us could use all the nutrition, packed in this soup :-)

Kalai's adaptation of  Lentil Carrot Soup  is flavored with a hint of ginger and is topped with yogurt and red chili flakes, definitely a soup that sounds as delicious as it looks :-)

Kavitha and Gayathri contribute four low fat and healthy soups Cabbage Diet Soup, Cucumber Soup, Mushroom Soup and Vegetable Soup that is sure to help anyone wanting to stay on their diet.

Preeti creates a gorgeous Mushroom and Garlic soup and a very unique Chunky Herb Dumpling Soup that  is sure to please the taste buds just as it pleases the eye.

Nandini brings us this healthy and flavorful  Zucchini Soup that is made healthier with her idea of sprinkling flax seeds on it

Indhu presents a very uniquely named  Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup . This soup is very delicately and simply flavored with only oregano, salt and pepper, so that the flavors of the vegetables and beans can shine through. With a host of vegetables and pasta in it, this soup is hearty and filling enough to become a meal.

PJ  performs some Harry Potter like magic and transforms a curry into a healthy Spinach Moong dhal soup

Rachana combines coconut milk and some flavorful Thai spices in this unique Hot and Spicy Coconut Soup

Relentless gray skies and cold weather creates the need for comfort food, but Deepti chooses this healthy Gingery Cream of Carrot Soup  over unhealthy choices like pakoras and chaat. Just the color of this soup is enough to make one forget gray skies for a while :-)

Jagruti combines three type of greens in this vibrantly colored soup that she uniquely and aptly names 3G soup

Meena Rajesh Krishnan brilliantly transforms oranges into this warm Orange Clear Soup that is a great appetizer for cold winter evenings.
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