Monday, November 15, 2010

South Indian Style Cranberry Chutney

Its cranberry season again.......some of you may have noticed these pretty berries are beginning to appear at the groceries. Most of you probably know about the legendary health benefits of cranberries, in case you haven't had a chance to read up on it yet, I mentioned a few of them in this post.  Last year for the first time I used fresh cranberries in this spiced cranberry chutney and I got completely hooked on to it. Since then I have made quite a few varieties of chutneys with cranberry and enjoyed each of them.

Among the different varieties, this south Indian style of cranberry chutney was also one of the varieties I tried last year. Only, I never got around to posting it here. Since then this recipe has undergone some changes and this final version of it is the one that I like the most..... The lentils add a creamy texture to this chutney, the cranberries add a nice touch of tartness and the red chilies lend some heat to balance out the flavors.I served this with some traditional dosai this time and the combination was just perfect :-)

Indian style Cranberry Chutney

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Ingredients and Method to make south Indian style cranberry chutney

2 tsp split chick pea lentil (chana dhal/ kadalai parappu)
2 tsp split black gram lentil (udad/urad dhal/ ulatham parappu)
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi/mendiyam)

1 tbsp oil
1 onion cut fine
6 dry red chilies (or to taste) (I used byadgi variety)
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
salt to taste

Dry roast chana dhal and udad dhal separately until reddish and aromatic. Roast methi seeds separately until it turns brownish, then soak these three ingredients in sufficient water for at least one hour.

Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottomed pan, add onions to it and saute until it is transparent, then add dry red chilies (byadgi) and stir a few more times, then add 1/2 cup washed fresh cranberries and stir until the cranberries are cooked and soft.
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Cool to room temperature and grind this along with the soaked and drained lentils to a smooth paste adding water as required to move the blades and achieve required consistency. Add salt to taste and give it another quick turn in the blender/ grinder.

Remove and serve this chutney with dosai (Indian savory crepes) / adai (savory rice and lentil cakes) or idli (steamed rice and lentil or oat cakes) or upma varieties.
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