Monday, May 12, 2008

Appa Kaarai Picture (Aebleskiver pan)

Some of you have been asking to see pictures of the appa kaarai that I use to make not only appams, which is the traditional use for it but also Punjabi kadhi (kadhi pakora) and Palak kofta  or paniyarams among other things.  So I decided to upload the picture of it to make it easier for you to identify this gadget :)

Links to the recipes that I made using this gadget......

Instant Low Fat Oats Paniyaram

Instant Oats Paniyaram-Savory Oat Pops

Punjabi Kadhi   

Punjabi Kadhi-Kadhi Pakora/Chickpea dumplings in buttermilk gravy curry

Palak Kofta 

Palak Kofta Curry (Veggie balls in spinach gravy curry)

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