Monday, June 6, 2011

Thai Inspired Pasta

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I had pasta planned for dinner. I was planning to make it with traditional pasta sauce, but while I was waiting for the pasta to get cooked, I suddenly realized I was more in the mood for something with Thai flavors than Italian. A quick search through my refrigerator and pantry revealed that I had some ingredients that could work together to infuse Thai flavors to the pasta dish.

So I decided to give it a try. Luckily for both of us, this idea worked out very well. The red curry paste, coconut milk and peanut butter gave the pasta dish that typical Thai kind of flavor that I was craving that day. In addition it was really quick to make and super easy too. So if you are in the mood to try something "different" with your pasta and you like Thai flavors, maybe you could give this pasta dish a try:-)   

Thai Inspired Pasta

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Ingredients and Method to make Thai Inspired Pasta
1 14.5 oz packet of multi grain angel hair pasta (see notes)

2 tbsp oil ( I used coconut oil) + 1 tsp any oil
1 large red onion cut lengthwise

1 large red bell pepper deseeded and cut lengthwise into thin strips
1 large green bell pepper deseeded and cut lengthwise into thin strips
1 inch piece of ginger minced
1/2 tsp minced garlic
salt to taste
1/2 tsp chili powder (optional) (or according to taste)

For the sauce
3 tbsp smooth peanut butter
2 tbsp red thai curry paste (see notes)
3/4 cup coconut milk

Prepare pasta/ noodles as per manufacturers directions. Drain and add 1 teaspoon of oil to the noodles and mix well. This ensures that the noodles do not stick to each other.

Whisk together peanut butter, Thai curry paste and  coconut milk until smooth and keep aside.

Heat oil in a large heavy bottomed pan, add onions and saute until it turns transparent. Add minced ginger and garlic and stir a few times.

Add bell pepper strips, stir frequently until it cooks and is soft yet a little crisp.

Add red chili powder if using, salt to taste and mix well. Add the cooked pasta and mix well. Add the sauce, mix well. Adjust spices if required.
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Remove and serve hot with any Thai style curry or even on its own.

In place of angel hair pasta Thai style noodles can be used as well. Also you can use any type of angel hair pasta, I used barilla plus multi grain pasta because I really like it very much :-)

Some types of Thai sauces available in the markets have some type of fish sauces in them. So if you are a vegetarian or vegan you might want to read through the labels to make sure that the one you buy does not contain fish sauce. I use Thai kitchen brand since it is vegan.
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