Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Healthy Inspirations salad event roundup part 1 and a giveaway

My sincere thanks to all of you who participated in this salad event.The responses have been overwhelming, so many creative and interesting salads from all of you.  Sorry about the delay in posting the roundup.As I mentioned earlier, my computer has been giving me a lot of trouble and this roundup got delayed as a result of that.

In the interest of keeping this post to a reasonable size I am breaking up this roundup in two parts and will publish part two tomorrow. One last thing before I go on to the roundup, so many of you have taken the time to send in your entries for this event, as a token of my appreciation I would like to give at least one randomly selected participant this handcrafted rice pearls bracelet and matching earrings.I will announce the winner of this giveaway in a post after the roundup is complete.


Alright now moving right on to the roundup, all recipes are mentioned in the order that I received them.......

Usha of My spicy kitchen kicks off the salad event with a very interesting Chick pea Salad  with chickpeas, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and Usha's own vinaigrette

Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen makes this wonderful and refreshing  Fruit salad  with a touch of honey and lemon juice for flavor.

My first contribution to this event is this Indianized coleslaw that combines regular cabbage with red/purple cabbage, some crushed pineapple and carrots and is flavored with Indian spices mustard, green chilies and asafoetida.

Srimathi's combines some incredible flavors of cumin,pepper, lime and garlic in this flavorful Couscous Salad. She also gives this salad a very interesting twist by adding raisins, cranberries, mint and cilantro to it.

Priya Narsimhan makes a nutrient and fiber rich Chickpea (Chana) Chaat Salad  using sprouted chickpeas and then enhances the taste by using sweet date chutney, cilantro and chaat masala.

On a vacation to Greece, Nayna and her family found themselves liking couscous salad a lot, so Nayna wasted no time in recreating a similar and flavorful Couscous Salad at home with red and green bell pepper, some grapes, jalapeno and cilantro

Sumathi creates an exotic Apple Pear Walnut salad flavored with orange juice,orange zest, raisins and pepper, a perfect spring salad :-)

My second contribution to this event is this  Thai Salad with Peanut dressing, this salad combines lettuce, cucumbers and carrots with a simple dressing made with peanut butter.

Aruna shares her simple, wholesome and protein rich Sprouted Moong Salad made healthier and crunchier with the addition of peanuts to it.

Priya sends in half a dozen delightful salads for this event. She starts with a simple and unique Beets, Corn and Celery Salad,  that combines vibrant beets with sweet corn and crunchy celery simply flavored with apple cider vinegar and pepper. Her second creation, a Greek salad with an exotic sounding name of Pantzaria Salata is a simple combination of beets with garlic.

Her next Creamy Potato and Dill Salad combines potatoes, tomatoes, dill and mayonnaise resulting in a flavorful and creamy salad, and her next Simple Salad with Sesame Dressing, combines everyday vegetables flavored with a very unique dressing made out of sesame seeds, soy sauce and chili sauce

Her final two salads for this event are this Bell Pepper and Melon salad which she creates to beat the heat when summer presents them with an intense hot day and this Rajma with mixed veggies salad  that she created when she found herself with some leftover cooked red kidney beans and decided to combine it with other vegetables to come up with this hearty salad.

Sweatha from Tasty Curry Leaf sends in an intriguing sounding Chilled chickpea and Everything salad  that combines chickpeas with other vegetables, she says that any vegetables can be used in this salad, making this salad as versatile as it is delicious :-)

My third contribution to this event is this Pasta with carrots and asparagus , a simple salad made with pasta,carrots and asparagus and flavored with jalapeno mustard, olive oil and crushed red pepper.

Meena sends in two salads for the event, both that she says can be made in under ten minutes. The first a Vibrant Mixed Fruit and Veggie salad, the name says it all for this salad and the second an Easy Tangy Green Beans Salad with a crunch, this salad combines green beans with almonds which lend the crunch to the salad

Taste Tinkerer decides to recreate a vegetarian version of a Burmese salad she once tasted in a restaurant and makes this exotic Mango Salad which is bursting with flavor from raw mangoes, onions, tamarind and  soy sauce.

Remember we are not done yet, so do peek in tomorrow to have a look at more creative and healthy salads...
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