Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mixed Nuts Burfi and Diwali wishes !!

To all my readers celebrating Diwali today, hope you all are having  a great time with family and friends and enjoying all the sweets and savories that are a part of this season. Wishing you all a very very Happy Diwali:)

Sweets are such an intrinsic part of Diwali, that the festival seems incomplete without some sweets. Of course it is true that sweets seem to be an intrinsic part of every festival and celebration, but Diwali without sweets just seems unimaginable somehow :) This year I decided to make this mixed nuts burfi for the occasion. I  have made some other variations of this sweet in the past but this one is my most favorite version. It is ultra simple to make, tastes delicious, can be made in very little time, does not use copious amounts of  clarified butter/ ghee as other Indian sweets and has a lovely melt in your mouth quality to it that is irresistible :)

Mixed nuts burfi

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Ingredients and Method to make mixed nuts burfi
2 cups mixed unsalted raw nuts of choice (I used 1/2 cup each of  pistachios, walnuts, almonds and cashew)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
5 cardamom seeds (elaichi/ elakkai) powdered fine
a few drops of clarified butter (ghee/nei)

Powder each of the nuts separately using short burst of power in the processor / mixer/ blender until fine. Do not over powder nuts as the nut butter in them will cause lumping. Place all the powdered nuts in a bowl and mix well.

Powder cardamom finely and add to the powdered nuts and mix well. Keep this mixture aside.

Grease a deep tray/ flat dish with a drop or two of clarified butter and keep aside.

Mix sugar and water and place on heat and allow to boil.  Allow the sugar to boil until it achieves one string consistency syrup. The syrup is called one string consistency when it forms a single string between your fingers. To find out put a drop on a plate, blow to cool and test the syrup between your fingers if one string is formed it is the right consistency, if it is just sticky the syrup has to be boiled a little longer, if it forms two strings its boiled longer than it should :)
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As soon as the syrup achieves one string consistency, pour the entire nut powder into it and mix well. Remove from heat and pour onto the pre greased dish/ plate/ tray and quickly spread.

You can also apply a little clarified butter/ ghee/ nei to the back of a smooth cup and use that to smooth out the mixture.

Allow to cool and cut into squares or diamond shape using a sharp knife.
Store the burfi in an airtight container and use within a few days. This sweet does not require refrigeration if it will be consumed within a few days, any longer and it might be better off in the refrigerator.

To veganize this recipe, just use either oil or vegan butter to grease the plate and the cup that you use to smooth out the mixture

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