Thursday, December 29, 2011

A look back at 2011 with a few personal faves :-)

It is amazing how quickly 2011 has flown by, it seemed like yesterday when the year started and we were discussing resolutions and  plans for the year and here we are, already staring at the end of the year.The end of the year also means its that time of the year when we look back and reflect and review the year that went by.......I thought it would be nice to look back at 2011 with a few of my favorite posts/ recipes that made it into this space :-)

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Curried Mung Bean and Barley Soup
As in any meal , I would like to begin with soup. This hearty Curried mung bean and barley soup continues to rank among my all time favorite soups. This simple and nutritious soup can double as a curry if required and is hearty enough for a light meal with some bread on the side.

Thai Inspired Pasta 

Thrown together on an impulse just because I felt like having something with Thai flavors rather than Italian, this pasta was a very pleasant surprise even for me when I first made it, now of course it has become one of my favorites and  features frequently in my kitchen:-)

Methi Thepla Spiced Flatbread 
Thepla (Spiced Indian flatbread) is a convenient handy dandy item to have on hand when traveling. It tastes good on its own, does not require refrigeration for a few days and beats some of the unhealthy food choices that one encounters when traveling.


Sundried Tomato Chutney
This sundried tomato chutney/dip that I tried on a whim has now become my favorite way to use sundried tomatoes.

Tandoori Paneer Pizza
I am always intrigued by fusion of two completely different styles of cuisine. No wonder I was enthralled by a paneer pizza I tasted when I visited India. In a bid to recapture and recreate that taste, I ended up making this pizza that has become a family favorite now. Of course my version is a little healthier because of this Oat wheat pizza base and this homemade tandoori sauce :-)


Instant Savory Wheat Dosai (savory Indian crepes)
Usually the instant dosais that I make have a mix of two to three flours, so I was pleasantly surprised when my sister in law Anu introduced me to this dosai that used only wheat flour as its main ingredient. Now whenever I am in a hurry and dosai is on the menu this one comes to mind since it is the least fussy and simplest of recipes :-)

Microwave Crunchy Mung Bean Snack with no oil
Snacks are my weakness and I tend to snack a lot at times. It figures then that I always try to keep some healthy snacks on hand, this one fits the bill beautifully. Its quick and easy to make and has absolutely no oil, just some lentil protein in a crunchy form to enjoy with movies or television.:-)

Peanut and Flax ladoo
I have a sweet tooth and feel guilty every time I make sweets because I know I am going to be tempted to eat more than I should :-) When I made this sweet the first time,  I thought now here's something that is so full of healthy and "good for you " ingredients that it makes me feel just a little better about indulging my sweet tooth :-) Did I mention that whenever I make this my entire family loves it and no one can make out there is healthy stuff like flax in this......


Maharashtrian style Rava Ladoo
I have always wanted to make the Maharashtrian style rava ladoo (semolina coconut sweet balls) and when my sister in law's neighbor was kind enough to share her recipe with us, I couldn't wait to try it. This has become my go to recipe for entertaining or when I am making sweets for friends and family :-) 

Dried Apricot Jam 
This dried apricot jam was the first time that  I solely used a dried fruit to make jam and the result surprised me. I do not even like dried apricots very much but in this jam I enjoyed them a great deal :-)  

So that's it folks, some of my  personal favorites from 2011. Hope you all enjoy your year end celebrations with friends and family. I'll be back next week and next year with some more posts, have planned a lot of fun stuff for the next year. In case any of you want to see something specific in this space do let me know and I'll see what I can do to post that here :-)
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