Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diwali Wishes and Easy Diwali Sweets and Snacks 2013

To all my readers celebrating Diwali, here's wishing you a very Happy Diwali. Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family. Enjoy all the yummy snacks and sweets that always seem such an integral part of this festival :) 

 photo 0a749b22-0c5b-45d7-935c-b511210c101b_zpsd1c56cd4.jpg

Usually I plan out what to make for Diwali at least a week ahead, this year I haven't quite decided what to make. I am hoping to try a few new things, will see how that works out :)  If you are in the same boat too and are still wondering what to make for Diwali, here is a collection of easy Diwali recipes...........

First the sweets :) (click on the title or the picture and it will take you to the recipe)

Mung Ladoo (Pasi Parappu Urundai/ Indian sweet made with mung bean lentil )

Mung Ladoo (Indian sweet made with mung bean) photo 95eb1cf8-2363-4bc7-b182-ebee11afa175_zps30dff2ce.jpg

Easy Poha Laddu/ Aval Urundai ( Indian sweet with beaten rice flakes)

Aval Ladoo/ Poha Laddu photo d32cc933-c4c8-4019-b5bf-6cd228f34742_zpsa2534ac9.jpg

Mixed Nuts Burfi

Mixednutsburfiresized to 350 photo Mixednutsburfiresizedto350.jpg

Rava Ladoo (Indian sweet made with Semolina and Coconut) 

Rava Coconut ladoo photo 5c10721c-71e6-49c8-9915-5a53268dc115_zpsc750db00.jpg

Kaju Katli (Simple Indian Cashew fudge) 

 photo kajukatli1-1.jpg

Easy Atta Laddu (Indian sweet made with wheat flour)

wheat ladoo resized photo wheatladooresized.jpg

Besan Kaju Burfi (Indian fudge made with cashew nuts and chick pea flour)

Besan Kaju Burfi photo 1417b414-5db7-4ee5-86a5-7c2bb982bd67_zps5b0643f6.jpg

2 minute microwave almond pedha (Almond milk fudge)

2 min m/w Almond Pedha-Indian milk fudge photo 59049c38-423d-4468-aa69-ed67f12ad77b_zps2dc76684.jpg

Microwave Doodh Pedha (Quick Indian milk fudge)

Microwave Doodh pedha (Indian milk Fudge) photo 82ff8178-959d-4066-8041-4490043301cd_zps61bfd8a9.jpg

Rava Kaju Burfi ( Indian fudge made with semolina and cashew) 

Rava kaju burfi- Semolina cashew Indian sweet photo ff15e11f-5311-4f6a-a669-eeaf3a409467_zps1574d1de.jpg

And if you are trying to avoid all sugar this Diwali, then you can still indulge with this healthy sugar free

Oat and Nut energy bites

Oat and Nut Energy Bites photo 0e12c51e-8f77-48be-83d8-6d6895bf6694_zps1decaab5.jpg

The savories :)

Thenkozhal (Gluten free crunchy rice spirals) 

Thenkozhal- Crunchy Rice spirals photo 

Chakli  (Fried crunchy gluten free rice spirals) 

Chakli1 resized photo Chakli1resized.jpg

Thattai (Gluten free crispy rice snack ) 

  photo Thattai1-1.jpg

Ribbon Bakshanam ( Crispy Gluten free rice and chick pea flour spirals) 

 photo Ribbonbakshanam1-1.jpg

Mullu Thenkozhal/ Mullu Murukku (Gluten free crunchy rice and chickpea spirals)

 photo Mulluthenkozhal1-1.jpg

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